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Spring 2021

Quarantine Classes

This spring, with hope in the air, almost all of the tunes we plan to teach will have a springtime theme - birds, streams, gardens, and more. Some tunes will be ancient, but others will be more recently composed, including Vincent Broderick, Charlie Lennon, and even an optional new hornpipe by Mike McHale.  And of course, there will be stories behind the tunes!

As in the past, you have the option of choosing the “relaxed pace” track, the “challenging” track, or both if you’re ambitious! No need to tell us which. 


The relaxed pace track will include some slower, evocative music, as well as a few simple dance tunes.


 The challenging track will feature some important tunes in the Irish repertoire which we haven’t tackled before in classes, and at least one lesser-known composition.


Singer alert:

Just because it’s spring, we are including some songs for the first time!  Some of them will be related to the tunes we are teaching, but some are simply spring-themed and included for your enjoyment. We hope that any singers out there will find some inspiration.

Pop-up sessions:

Finally, as the lockdown eases, we are hoping to host some outdoor “pop-up sessions”, weather dependent, so that we can play together in person and get in shape for the day that we’ll be out playing music in the world again!

Who can join: 

This series is open to Vermonters and out-of-staters alike - with the understanding that the audio files cannot be shared outside the class. 

Here's how it works:

As with the other Quarantine series, we will be offering teaching recordings and exercises, exactly as we had have before, but once again using e-mail and Google Drive.


Each Wednesday for six weeks, we’ll send out the assigned tunes and supplementary recordings, as well as video clips and background information on the music.


The series is entirely self-paced, and there are no formal in-person classes. However, you are welcome to ask us for feedback on your playing, or share your progress with others in the class.



To help reimburse us for the time we put into creating the classes, we’re asking for a registration fee of $100.  However, if you are experiencing difficult economic times, just send what you can. 

We are grateful to Ossian USA for helping to support our effort to make classes affordable for everyone.

How to register:

Starting April 1st, you can register by simply emailing us at We will confirm.


The first week’s tunes will be sent out on Wednesday, April 21st!