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A bit about the school....


The aim of the Vermont School of Irish Traditional Music is to pass on a solid musical repertoire that will nurture the community of Irish musicians in Vermont.   It's important that most of our students have become friends, getting together in each other's kitchens to play tunes.  This is what it's all about.

Just as important, we try to offer a context and a history for the tunes so that the music taught is much more than a collection of notes.  Finally, we aim to help students play with confidence, both in solo and group settings, so that they can appreciate (and participate) in sessions, both in Vermont and world-wide.

Our classes feature occasional guest musicians who will contribute their own perspectives on the Irish tradition. 

Classes in session repertoire for all melody instruments are offered twice yearly for six-week terms in fall and spring. Scholarships and family rates are available, and classes are free for children and teens.   Please send an e-mail describing your interest!


Classes are held at the Waterbury Congregational Church.

8 North Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05676 

See the program page for more information.

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